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Holiday Gift Sets - The Breakfast Lovers Gift Set Duo

Holiday Gift Sets - The Breakfast Lovers Gift Set Duo

Laidrey Coffee Roasters

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This holiday gift set is ideal for the perfect breakfast or brunch option! Complete with a bag of our signature, organic, single-origin roasted coffee beans and a Mylk Labs flavor of your choice, this holiday gift set ensures your loved one starts their day in a delicious way! 

Each of Mylk Labs oatmeal flavors include no processing, are low in sugar, contain fiber rich and gluten free oats and sustainably harvested coconut sugar, and use upcycled almond meal to create the texture of creamy almond milk. All you have to do is add hot water and you can enjoy a healthy and nutritious instant oatmeal that's non GMO, free of any artificial ingredients, and delicious without added sugars.

Mylk Labs Oatmeal Flavors

Blueberry Maple Oatmeal: A low-sugar option with freeze-dried blueberries 🫐, pure Vermont maple sugar, and creamy gluten-free oats.

Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal: Real fruit instant Granny Smith Apple 🍏oatmeal made with freeze-fried apples, organic cinnamon, and gluten-free oats. Nut free.

Strawberry Vanilla Oatmeal: Crafted with Madagascar vanilla, pure strawberry powder 🍓, and sunflower seeds for a crunchy bite. Nut free.

Almond Pink Salt: Made with almonds, organic coconut sugar, a pinch of pink sea salt or gluten-free oats.

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