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Make Your Own Coffee Gift Baskets With Laidrey

Mix and match at least two and up to seven of Laidrey's line of organic coffees, merchandise, apparel, and more to make your own coffee gift basket and get discounted rates on our entire line!

Our Coffee Gift Baskets

Discover the perfect gift for coffee lovers with our customizable coffee gift baskets. Choose from Laidrey's range of offerings, from portable coffee mugs, and candles to plush cotton tees, tote bags, organic treats, and more. Uncover the perfect gift for any coffee lover with our handcrafted coffee gift baskets.

Our Laidrey Coffee Gift Baskets Include Goodies Like ☕

  • Laidrey Coffee Bag

    Laidrey Coffee Bags

    We'll surprise you with a selection of some of our best signature Laidrey coffee bag selections to enjoy Laidrey's signature taste at home.

  • Laidrey Bundle Mug Blue Gray

    Laidrey Custom Traveler Mug

    A portable ceramic mug encased with a splash resistant silicone lid to enjoy your drink on the go. Holds up to 12 oz of fluid.

  • Laidrey Tote Bag

    Laidrey Tote Bag

    Our 100% organic cotton tote bags are made with water based ink for a sustainable bag that looks as good as it feels!

  • Laidrey Gift Box Coffee Grinder

    Portable Coffee Grinder

    Portable grinder by Yama for use in your kitchen or on the go! You can adjust the grinder for any brew style, with the hopper able to hold up to 30 grams of coffee and the holding container able to hold up to 60 grams of coffee so that you can make two to three cups.

  • Three Pack Rice Krispies Set

    Our three pack features three different festive flavors from The Very Best Cookie In The Whole Wide World that include fruity pebbles, the new brown butter and Biscoff mix for a sweet and salty combo, and a seasonal selection for a fun surprise!

  • Laidrey Cotton T-Shirt

    Our cotton Laidrey t-shirt comes in a rich green hue with gold trimmings for a comfy and chic look. Lightweight and soft to the touch, made to fit true to size.