Laidrey Roasters Owner Gacia Tachejian

Who We Are

Laidrey is the first female start up roastery cafe in the San Fernando Valley. We bring you the highest quality specialty coffee from around the world.

Quality guides every aspect of our process. It begins with partnering with passionate coffee farmers who sustainably harvest their crops and hand pick each coffee cherry. Year round, we feature seasonal coffees from all over the world to bring you the best possible coffee during its most fruitful season.

Once the coffee arrives at our door, we spend time perfecting each roast to highlight the unique and rich flavors each has to offer. We work meticulously to do this every time we roast, and we invite you to witness the process in our shop. Enjoy a cupping from our expert roaster, and join the Laidrey family of coffee lovers!

Laidrey Roasters Coffee Shop in Los Angeles Coffee Bags on Shelf

What We Do

Laidrey Coffee Roasters sources seasonally from specialty grade coffee farms. We source coffee from female-led or female run farms, as well as from coffee farms that provide equitable pay, equal opportunity, and community assistance programs.

We provide certified organic coffees, with each of our coffees roasted in house by our female owner and operator. Try the best of our selections when you sign up for our coffee subscriptions, and visit our shop in Tarzana to see our public cuppings and learn about how we source, roast, and brew our beans.

Laidrey Pour Over

Visit Our Cafes

Stop by our cafes to sample coffees, baked treats, seasonal toasts, and take part in rotating free monthly events and pop up shops. We look forward to seeing you at Laidrey!

Wholesale Coffee

Our Wholesale Program

Our wholesale program is comprehensive and can be customized to your needs. We work with restaurants, coffee shops, hospitality, and local markets. We offer programs for equipment and training, menu development, and beyond.

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