Laidrey Coffee Roasters Organic Coffees

At Laidrey, we bring you the highest quality single origin coffee and specialty coffees from around the world. Year round, we feature seasonal organic coffees from various regions to bring you the best possible coffee during its most fruitful season.

Single Origin and Fair Trade Coffee
Single Origin

We specializes in single origin coffee. This allows us to source coffees unique in their flavor and characteristics thanks to the climate, soil, and terroir of each region. Each single origin coffee has its own distinct flavor, acidity level, body, and aroma, allowing you to experience a range of tastes.

Single origin coffee - pouring organic coffee
Certified Organic

We source specialty grade organic coffee, ensuring each coffee bean is processed naturally through organic methods. Sourcing organic coffee allows both for creating coffees enhanced in their flavor and quality and partnering with producers that promote biodiversity and conservation.


We micro-roast our coffees, paying close attention to the quality and consistency of each roast. Each coffee is freshly roasted and delivered to you at its peak flavor, using expert roasting techniques that allow us to create innovative flavors and utilizing sustainable sourcing practices-

Seasonal Specials

We rotate our organic coffees seasonally, partnering with passionate coffee farmers who sustainably harvest crops and hand pick each coffee cherry. Year round, we feature seasonal coffees from all over the world to bring you the best coffee during its most fruitful season.

Specialty Organic Coffee From Norcafe
Specialty Coffee From Sertao Farm
Specialty organic coffee from Gashura
Specialty Coffee from Narino

About our specialty coffee

Laidrey Specialty Coffee FAQ

How long do your organic coffee beans last?

Our organic coffee beans are typically best when brewed between 11 to 21 days after roasting. While you can definitely still enjoy our coffee beans after this time frame, after 21 days you will find it begins to lose its aromatics and fragrance. We also recommend this time frame when consuming as an espresso to get the most pronounced crema!

What is the best storage method for your specialty coffee?

To keep our organic coffee beans at the highest level of freshness for as long as possible, we recommend storing our specialty coffee in a cool and dry vacuum sealed container. We also advise against freezing to preserve their delicate flavor and freshness, unless you do not plan on consuming your coffee within 6 months.

Do you only sell your specialty coffee as whole bean coffee?

Laidrey Coffee Roasters chooses to sell our organic coffee as whole bean coffee to provide you with the best and most fresh coffee selections. Selling our organic coffee as whole bean allows us to ensure you get the most flavor out of each of our signature coffees when they are ground fresh right before brewing.

How long will it take to receive my specialty coffee?

As soon as you place your order for specialty coffee, we begin fulfilling and roasting your coffee beans. Our expert roasters micro - roast each selection per order, with orders arriving within 5 to 7 days to your door.

Does your specialty coffee contain any gluten?

All of our specialty coffees are always certified gluten free. We micro-roast our coffees to enhance each one's natural flavor. For this reason, we do not sell flavored coffees which can sometimes contain gluten.

What are your buying standards for your organic specialty coffee?

Laidrey Coffee Roasters prides itself on working with the best local farms in renowned coffee growing regions across the globe. We only source our organic coffees from specialty grade farms that are either female owned, female led, or family run farms. We believe in working with farms that bring a sense of community to their production and sourcing processes, ensuring that each bag of specialty coffee you buy also enriches the local community our seasonal coffee comes from.

In addition, our single-origin coffees all come from farms that are part of the Rainforest Alliance, working with sustainable measures and practices that produce award-winning coffees while promoting continued growth to the rich and bio diverse areas they reside in.

Finally, we focus on farms that provide aid to their community, including education and healthcare incentives.

Where does your specialty coffee come from?

Our organic coffee beans are 100% Arabica and sourced from the best coffee growing regions throughout the world. We small batch roast our coffee, focusing on developing the unique flavors that each coffee has to offer.

We offer a wide variety of coffees that have flavor profiles ranging from fruity and sweet, to bold and chocolatey. Our focus is on sourcing single origin coffee from microlots, so that you can taste the coffee grown by our farmers that allow them to truly shine. We believe that great products are sustainably harvested. This is where our tagline, ethically sourced, meticulously roasted, and freshly brewed stems from, and remains true for each bag of coffee and drink we roast for you right in our shops in Los Angeles, California.

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