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Laidrey Everyday Tumbler Cup 12 oz

Laidrey Everyday Tumbler Cup 12 oz

Laidrey Coffee Roasters

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Our everyday tumbler is the ideal go-to tumbler cup for your daily drinks! Made with stainless steel and a signature vacuum insulated design, this tumbler cup keeps your drinks at consistent temperatures from your pour. Our Everyday Tumbler comes with a no sweat design for the ideal grip, a push on lid with insulation to keep drink temperatures steady, and BPA free and sustainably sourced materials.

Just like our line of travel mugs and cold cups, our Everyday Tumbler is made to fit cup holders for easy transport, and comes designed with a sleek look from local California artists.

Product Details

Laidrey Everyday Tumbler Cup Size: 12 oz

Laidrey Everyday Tumbler Cup Materials: Stainless steel, with powder coat finish

Laidrey Everyday Tumbler Cup Features: No sweat design, insulation to keep drinks hot and cold, sustainably made, BPA free

Laidrey Everyday Tumbler Cup Care Instructions: Wash before first use and avoid microwaving or freezing your tumbler

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