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Cord + Iron Candle

Cord + Iron Candle

Laidrey Coffee Roasters

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Cord + Iron candles are hand poured in Beaver, Pennsylvania and made from all natural soy wax and sustainable materials to provide a luxurious scent experience. Each of these candles provide over 50 hours of burn time and are free from any chemicals, so you can breathe easy. We offer Cord + Iron candles in the following scents.

Smells Like: Ocean air with soft jasmine, lily, and notes of sun-soaked driftwood.
Perfect For: spring/summer, Mother's Day and Housewarming gifts.

Amber + Moss:
Smells Like: Fresh sage infused citrus combined with floral lavender notes, balanced by earthy oakmoss and deep, sweet amber.
Perfect For: any time of year, Father's day and unique gifts.


  • 50+ hours burn time
  • Gluten, lead, and phthalate free
  • Made in the US

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