Laidrey Audrey Bag Wholesale Program

Our Wholesale Coffee Program

Our wholesale program is comprehensive and can be customized to your needs. We work with restaurants, coffee shops, hospitality, and local markets. We offer programs for equipment and training, menu development, and beyond.

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  • Bi-Weekly Delivery ☕

    We roast our coffee every week and deliver you our freshest roast, with the ability to customize roast and coffee choices for your restaurant needs.

  • Staff Training ☕

    Full employee training on how to use equipment, recipes, latte art, and more, with training maintained on an as needed basis.

  • Menu Development ☕

    We help you create your coffee menu. We can also provide our resources in terms of syrups, milks, etc.

  • Education and Customization ☕

    We offer a tour of our roasting facility, a cupping class to taste our coffees and customized wholesale orders based on coffee and roast preference.

Wholesale Coffee Requests