Roast House coming soon!

Finding Our Home

Hi Laidrey Family,

We are excited to announce, after many months of searching for a space to call home, we have found the perfect location! 18600 Ventura Blvd. Tarzana, CA!!! Tarzana holds such a special place in my heart. I actually grew up in this area. My grandmother lived in Tarzana and I spent my childhood growing up in her home. Just a few buildings down from the space, was the very first movie theatre I ever went to as a child with my Dad. Our space is covered with windows and receives natural light. We will be putting our first Probat roaster in this space and will be roasting our beans in front of all of you. We are excited to invite you for coffee cuppings and providing you a unique coffee experience. We hope to get our shop open in the summer of 2021!! If you see us in the store working hard to get it up and open please don't hesitate to say hello! 

Fun Fact: Our name comes from our three kids, Leo, Aiden and Audrey :-)

Fun Fact: Our name Laidrey comes from our children pictured here: Leo, Aiden, and Audrey. Laidrey is a true family owned business and we are excited to open our doors and invite you to be a part of our family! Hey, you never know, we may even name a coffee after you :-)

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