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Mexico Oaxaca Organic - La Lagunilla Coop

Mexico Oaxaca Organic - La Lagunilla Coop

Laidrey Coffee Roasters

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The Ixtlán de Juarez municipality is located in Mexico's Oaxaca State and is home to the community of Santo Domingo Cacalotepec. After producing coffee for generations, the community organized La Lagunilla Rural Production Society, LLC in 2003. Today, La Lagunilla is made of 40 members who together cultivate 131 hectares of clay soils in a forested conservation area. This coffee is certified organic. It is depulped the same day it is harvested, then fermented for 16 hours and dried.

Tasting notes include chocolate, toffee, brown sugar, pear, and apple cake.

Bag Size: 12 oz

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